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BABY, WE'RE WHORES. [entries|friends|calendar]

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I've been living just to see you smile. [20 Feb 2007|01:13pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

lastnight was the worst night of my life.

but I talked to him today
sorted it out, sort of.

and for the time being...

I am actually happy.

cherish this.

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[07 May 2006|05:31pm]
i keeping this one.
i've had it since
.. the beginning of 2004
or so, so there's alot

if you read it and
i don't like you
i don't care what you have to say

and if you're my sister,..
drop dead.
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[02 Jul 2005|01:06pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
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[29 Jun 2005|09:43pm]
[ mood | excited ]

so let's see. what have i been up toooo.

hm. friday danny came over all day. thenn that night... mm i dont rememeber what i did. yeah so hmmm moving on.

i'm in an amazing mood right now.

anyway, saturday. hmm went anddd saww i think. mr. and mrs. smith. AMAZING movie. i looveed it. so much steph and i are going to see it again. soon. yes. awesome. yeah, muff steph and meh. lalala. then visited the booyy hmm

sunday steph came over, and then went to aus's grad party. toby steph jp brian lawler and i and adam i think just hungout basivcally cause aus was there for only a little. ended up at the party that he cory and age were at. nice kids. came home, then left again to johnson's house and yeah then came hommmeee

monndaay hmm austin came over and we made burgs then we went his house and worked on treehouse with steve sheps, funny kiiidddd. haha hmmm age and cory were there but not really dooing anything ha. well, neither was i sorta but i acted like i was. then went swimming and a whole bunch of people showed up randomly. it's pretty sweet how he doesn't even have to call people. saw timmmyyyy who i haven't seen in forev. and keenan is nice to me too so wooooooooo

tuesdayyyy, dad's then went to britt's house with steph and care and doost and kurtbag and joeface. good times, good kids. everyone left then so did i and then visited with dannyy.

today, well all week i've been waking up at like 2 and it sucks i need to stop. so woke up, cleaned, worked, didnt go to moive, not really doing anything. might hangout with austin later but who knowss. CARI VISITED ME AT WORK AND IT WAS FUNNN

tomarrow i'm goin tubing all dayyy lonngg and i'm realllyyyy excitedd. at johnny's cottage with jon and steve and that whole crew deal. yey. funfunfunf sunsun yey.

summers awesome so far. i love not being bored.
and not really caring about ANYTHING at all.
i love the people i'm surrounding myself with cause it's for the best.
i see steph care and britt a lot, andd i looove itt! i like when friends call me and wanna hangout yeyeyeyyey.
i miss gretchenface though, she's in like the yukon territory er whatev.
but when she comes home i'll see her too.

driving soon. yes.

p.s. i'm a badass.

love me

[29 Jun 2005|04:10pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

tagged by terminos_reales

Name 10 things you hate. Spread the hate by tagging 5 people to do the same.

1. when dip gets watery

2. the fact that i'm prbly not going to go far away for college

3. the amount of responsibilty that comes with with EVERYTHING now.

4. when i dont see my friends for a long period of time.

5. how people can lower their standards so much

6. my sister using all the cell phone minutes so that when i do use them i get charged

7. the way i've been fucked over repeatidly by one thing.

8. how i let myself get fucked over, then don't want to take any responsibilty for it.

9. how i don't let go of things that shouldn't even be a problem

10. when people don't tell me if i've offeneded them or if they're mad at me for something cause it won't get better if i never knew what i did.


i'm tagging:

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hklgfhdhd [25 Jun 2005|04:34pm]
mmkay so, leave lots of comments.
which dress?
i know i dont have a good one of the pink one.
but it's like mega short.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
thats the actual color ^^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
blue dress
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
mmm dress.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
pink dress.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
bottom of pink.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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dododo [25 Jun 2005|12:37am]
new layout


i like yelloooww.
cari, i love you.
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fuck you [23 Jun 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | giggly ]

well tonight was officiallyyy my first night of summer. yey.
ignored me madre and went out with aus and corykid
came back here and made burgs mmm
friends' sumemr starts tomarrow so yey.

maybe i'll start driving soon.
mmm maybe not.
i ran over a toad, hardcore.

lalala summertime.

sorta really pissed off.
no biggie, i'm not at a loss.

scoooreeee, who wants to play tomarrow?

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phone calls ment more [20 Jun 2005|10:52am]
[ mood | crappy ]

yeah long time.

okay well school ended on wwednesday
and thursdays was ela, friday was ela and french
yeahhh totally failed french.
ela was pretty easy.

friday was my birthday.
i was in a terrible mood. prbly the worst ev.
came homr from french,
i got this sweet new camera though, some clothes and some money.
then danny and tom came over and brought.. stuff hahah
i liked their gifts alot. nice kids.
soo i guess my friends were planning a surprise bday thing for me but my mom told me about it so i new and britt told me about it anyway haha
so i went to applebees with tom danny muff gretch care and steph
my mom paid for our food then we went back to our house
thheeenn idk i tried to play with my camera and everyone else was watching a moive.
then JOn stopped by. yeyyyyy. that made me happy.
he was the only other person other than those 6 people to see me
but then he left anddd i finally sat down
mmmmmm then kurt em and joe come flying ontop of me
yeaaaahhhh i was surprised in the least. haha
then we idk how it got started, but massive cake fight.
it was fun. i love my friends
and thanks guys for everything that day.
showing you cared about me meant a lot.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

saturday i went ot some fam thing with steph hahah syd's bif is awesome and thenn idk wiated to leave, threw things at maddie. went back to stephs, russ and jarred came over. woaahhh long time no hangouttt hahaha. but it was fun. they left. we got hots. and went to bed

ive done nothing since.
math exam in an hour
i can get a 2 and pass the year YEY

well.. bye.

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[16 Jun 2005|10:20pm]
...and let the good times rolll...
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it sinks in. ouff [13 Jun 2005|10:30pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

a lot's happened.

a lot hasn't happened.

flipping out.
i've got so much chem

summers coming.
and i don't really want it to.
so many tests coming up
mom riding me about grades
yeah, maybe i'll go to bed.
my t.v. projects comign along nicely

so many tests.

so freakin need a break
rob and wife broke up!?! what?!
i need alex bay this year.
i miss my clique

yearbooks this year suck!!
realllly bad.

wanna hangout?

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[12 Jun 2005|01:21am]
love me

[02 Jun 2005|11:00am]
[ mood | relieved ]

bitter angry confused frustrated aggravated annoyed regretful busy bored blank uncomfortable irritated hopeful dumb pensive rushed sick teased gullible tired stressed nostalgic restless pesimisstic optimistic remorse desperate blank hot moody defeated serene indignant cross timid cautious terrified eager affectionate skeptical humiliated weak powerless tense calm disregarded glad absorbed dismal bewildered thrilled inadequate excited

put in blender; mix to purade

love me

[01 Jun 2005|03:32pm]
yea, last night was rough.
love me

you're making me work for what i'll never have [30 May 2005|01:14am]
[ mood | happy ]

it's been rather inSaaaneeeee lately.
i'll start from like thursday.

i workked, then johnny came and helped me well tried to help me with chem shit but im hopeless. thenn friday i had drivers ed and came home and tried to decide with to do with people and what not so i just told people to come over so gretch laura p. and steph allll came over and then we went to hots with Jon and then we went to wegmans lol jamie was there and he drove me around in his car. i like that color
kurt joe and what not were idk planning to come to my house er somthing yah so idkkkk ha we went to laura's friend nicole?'s house and ty was thereeeee yey ty. then idk drunk kids ha we left and came to my house and then so did kurt and mike.. yeah drunkies. hah. i took kurt's car for an amazing spin lol yesss it was awesome

thenn they all left but steoph stayed and we went to bed and then we went to allegany state park in the morning to visit with ken.
im going to north carolina again this year. but im fucking missing alex bay cause of fucking tennis. fuckfuckufck. august 5th through 13th im in NC. anyway, it was fun. im addicted to smokebombs lol and steph!$@! i miss her. we got back late, and our kiddies stopped by for 10 mins then... we did nothing.. so went to bed. i love steph

today i woke up and steph was gone =( but dont worry she came back haha and we went to my cottage and did nothing. saw brandi white, aaron horning, and james richie there. weird. idk bad potatoe salade. it was pretty disappointing. then i came home and steph went riding |||| bye steophy i miss you. and i called austinnnn, havent hungout with him in forevvv. and we planned something i guess. went to the park and played frisbee with alex white and chriskid ahah the turkish convention!!! me and aus rolledd down the hill and the little kid was asking us quesitons and asking us for our livestrongs n stufff haha weird. then idk went to margaux's house and i loooooove it. it's sooo pretty. she's really nice too. so she beat up austin then we left
and wenttt to austin's again to go street luging. + the addition of like 547 people andd idk chris sharp!! and johnny came too. ha so i did end up seeing him today! woo. yahhh then we left and aus went to lose all the people and he went luging and then too many cars sooo we went to garret's. ha pooor alex has to sit on the metal part in johnny's car cuse he only has 2 seats. then i dk. mcdonalds. garret's. hanging out was fun, i miss that a lot. a lot a lot. then home. came back too late, in trouble.

summers coming and i feel the change coming and i love it.
im really happy right now.
today was perrfect.

there's nothing like that sweet old song

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<33 xxxxxxxx [22 May 2005|01:13pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

things are better.
i'm feeling better.
well, im sick, so..
mentally better. haha.

uhm dinner and bowling last night.
funnn stuff. i like my friends.
i want summer soo bad //////
steph and toooooommmmmmm!#!!@$@Y##@#!!!
we patrolled baytown too, steph and i.
earthtones and whatnot. i think their food makes me sick though. strange. sydddy's BIF is super cool. i approve.

Friday ha. went to the movies with care steph gretch muff tom and danny, terrible movie. i forgot the name. me tom steph and danny went to mc'd's after and it was terrrrrrrrrrrrible. omgsh but so funny hashausidgasifr.

things are better
i'm doing terrible in chem
SAT's soon ughhhhh
i'm making money
sumemr summer summer
drivers ed is almost over

(( PEE ES, you made my decision for me;; thanks. =/ ))
its based on you.


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adgbsfdjatrzxxcz [14 May 2005|12:27pm]
so let's see..

prom?! "that's MY shit" hahaha yey.
good tiems.
boce bus is awesome for sleepies

drunk people are no fun
andddd how was midtown!?
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when my hands are tied.... [12 May 2005|09:14pm]
[ mood | confused ]

worked wednesday, matt came in and sat with me and brought me a milkshake. how nice. it was pleasnt. best job ev

worked today, kurt came in and sat with me for a while but hes got a.d.d. and he got fries from zaz's.

my feet are burned
prom tomarrow, getting outta school early
uyhghhgh not early enough though.
who knows how tomarrow night is going to turn out
we don't exactly have a plan at all.
muff and i WILLLL have fun though.

tom i dont hate you. lol.

things are odd.
dont know what to think
ohh well.

happy 2m !$!!@!

grardf;ksuhjk; why dont you want to see me?

love me

wanna switch? [10 May 2005|12:58am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

just right now at this very second
i dont feel close to anyone.
im sure itll go away shortly
but these moments are always the worst.

prbly the GAYEST entry ev but fuck you
im sad.

it's all going away again.
i thought i had it all figured out.

you change, then change back
i change, and now i'm confused.
freeze frame please

i just want.. sleep i guess.
i want sleep to come easy again.
it's 1 am. you're all sleeping.
i'm thinking
today was nice out
tonights nice

no one will walk with me.
talked to robbie for a long time
caught up.
i'm going walking by myself.

kurt where the fuck are you!$!~~?

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[09 May 2005|08:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

i would just like to say..

i slept almost 21 hours yesterday/today.
and am still incredibly tired
i'm soooo coming home after next week's prom.

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